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Freya accompanying violin duet

Piano accompaniment is available for recitals, competitions, and recordings. Freya has a master's degree in piano accompanying from the University of Oregon, and has played for singers and instrumentalists for many years, from students to professionals.

Most people schedule at least two rehearsals before an event, which allows time to work on musicality, interpretation, rhythm, stage presence, and good ensemble playing. Some students prefer more rehearsal time, and a few attend weekly rehearsals in addition to private lessons on their instrument.

Piano accompaniment


Rehearsals are $72 per hour, $58 per 45 minutes, or $44 per half hour.

The minimum fee for each performance is $32. The maximum fee is $72 per hour.

Payment is due within 3 days of scheduling for all rehearsals and performances.


Rehearsals must be scheduled at least one week in advance. See the schedule page to view open times. Please confirm all times by phone or email.

All piano parts for your music are due one week before the first rehearsal and four weeks before a performance. Good photocopies or emailed scans are fine, except when original scores are required (such as for competitions).

Requests to Parents

Please make sure your child is safely inside the house before you drive away.

Please be prompt in picking up your children from their rehearsals.

Parents and siblings are welcome to sit quietly in the studio or wait in the dining room during rehearsals.

Parents are required to read and respond to emails and text messages.

Accompanying Policy

Our complete accompanying policy sheet is available for download here.